These designer dogs are wonderful. You are getting a mix of two very special breeds and it is like the best of each breed comes out in the Goldendoodle. Deborah was great in preparing the pups for their future. She treats them like they are part of the family so that when you get your dog it is adjusted to family life which is a real plus. 
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Your house won’t seem empty with a new puppy around. These Goldendoodles want to be with you all of the time which is fine by me.
Can't tell you how much we love him. He's been house-trained since week two and now uses the dog-door as she pleases. We taught him to swims to the pool stairs by the end of his third week. He sits on command (1st thing he learned) and walks on a lease like a champ. He's lovable, calm, smart and playful. I must admit, however, he harasses my boxer unmercifully (and she loves him for it) !!! 
Hi Deb, 
It has been a while since we took Clover home. She is our baby girl! She loves to cuddle and has to be with us at all times! Unlike her mother Clover loves to swim. She was unsure at first but now will spend hours in the pool if we let her! 

Clover is a chewer just like you said! It is very hard for us to find toys that she doesn't shred in a few hours. Her red animal you gave her lasted a few months. After sewing it back together 3 times I had to retire it! 

She is such a joy. Thanks for such a great dog. Here are some pics of her.

Hi Deb – 
Hope this note finds you doing well with all the craziness that tis the season. 

We have tried hundreds of times to get a photo of Henley that truly captures her beautiful face, and finally got one. Thought this photo would bring a smile to your face. 

Last week she discovered her ability to get up on things. She jumped up on the bed and off the bed probably 20 times in a row. She jumped on and off the sofa, and up and down on the picnic tables at the dog park. But the best of all is when she jumped on the glass patio table and just stood there acting very proud of her achievement! Thank goodness it's a sturdy table and it didn't fall over when she neared the edge to jump down! 
Someone stopped me yesterday while we were on our walk and asked all kinds of questions about golden doodles. He said he wants to get one, but not right away. 

She's a joy -- also a handful at times -- and we're thrilled to have her in our lives. 
Hi Debra,

I have been wanting to send some pictures of our pup (Jeter.... named after the New York Yankee Shortstop) for months. I don't know if you remember him..... he has turned out so cute and a little devil. Everyone asks us what kind of dog he is. And everyone thinks he is the cutest thing they ever saw.... they all want one like him. He is very energetic, mischievous, and stubborn.... but we love him so much... you just can't get/stay mad at him. Hope you like the attached pictures..... sorry... hotmail will only allow me to send 2 at a time.

Hi Deb! 
Sorry we haven't been in touch lately but I wanted to send along our most recent pictures of Roxy. 

She and Palmer (there are some photos of both of them) are getting along really well. We adore her.

Hope things are great on your end! 

Take care, Suzanne, Ryan, Roxy and Palmer
Hi Deb:  
Wanted to give you an update.  Our girl has been great.  FYI, she probably was not the quiet one.  Smart as a whip and headstrong, Loves water, we have been able to keep her out of the pool but she tip toes around ready to jump.  She has her moms beautiful colors and prances when we walk her like her dad.   Some one keeps sneaking in at night and pulling her legs out longer.  She has big feet, how big is she going to get???  We love her and she has kept us busy.  We will keep you in mind as we document her growth. Wanted to send the pictures as jpegs so you can use them if you want.

Joe & Harriet Brigulio
Hi!  It's Diane, Tonka's owner.  I am sorry I haven't been in contact with you.  I've had a lot go on in the past year.  I wanted to let you know that I moved to St. Louis, Missouri.  Tonka had a road trip across the country.  I wouldn't put him on a plane, so I made my now fiance drive across the country with him.  Tonka loves St. Louis and he loves snow.  He also has a sister named Zoe.  She is a very sweet German Shepard.  I will send you some pictures of them.  We took them on a road trip this past fall to Florida and to the beach.  It was a trip for the dogs.  The beach is rated the number one dog beach in the country.  Tonka loved chasing after birds.

Anyway,  I hope you are doing well.  There is a lot to update you on, but I thought I would make a initial email and get in contact with you.
Diane and Tonka
Phone: 480.205.7130
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